A Rant About Broadcasters Screwing Up With the V-Chip Signal

V-chip technology works much like closed captioning and uses the vertical blanking interval in the television signal. The system receives a special code in the broadcast signal which indicates the show’s score according to a simple numerical rating system for violence, sex, and language.

via Wikipedia.

Well, that’s nice. When watching sports, however, it seems they mess things up good. If a game runs long, they don’t cut away from the game to start a show. No, they keep the game running until it’s over, yet the signal that goes with the game gets changed as if it ended on time. Idiots!

I’ve watched a number of sporting events in the last few years in which the show after the game would normally be blocked in my living room TV — rated TV-14 or higher. Boom, exactly on the hour, the game gets blocked and I get a black screen telling me the show is blocked due to ratings. Now, how can they keep showing me the game while not continuing the signal that says it’s a game and not a blocked TV show? This surely is a simple problem to fix at the broadcasters’ end, but it continues to happen.

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